Board Functions

Functions of the Board             
(Section 8 of The Architecture Profession Act of 1992)


The functions of the Board are-

(a) to assess the qualifications and experience of persons applying for registration as registered architects;
(b) to conduct examinations of persons applying for registration as registered architects;
(c) to register architects and issue certificates of registration;
(d) to monitor adherence to and to investigate breaches of the code of ethics;
(e) to exercise disciplinary control over registered architects;
(f) to keep published for public scrutiny in a format to be decided by the board and notified in the Gazette, a list of qualifications and institutions recognised by the Board in respect of the training in architecture required by this Act;
(g) to advise the Minister on amendments to this Act as it considers desirable
(h) generally to regulate the practice of architecture in accordance with this Act.